A Family RTW Travel Adventure (2008-2009)
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Tour of the GAP II

Conor takes us on a tour of the GAP Adventurer II (a.k.a. Cruz del Sur) in a way that only he can…


1 megan { 08.22.08 at 7:29 am }

great video! keep them coming 🙂

2 Marjory { 08.22.08 at 8:06 am }

Wow! Conor! What a great video. You conveyed the feeling on that boat so well that I’m feeling motion sick!
Looks like you’re having a really wonderful time.

3 ST { 08.22.08 at 5:20 pm }

That was a great tour Conor! Perfect combination of overview & interesting details. Thanks Conor, Shirley

4 Catrell Cooney { 08.22.08 at 8:40 pm }

We have enjoyed reading your blogs. Our family is setting out on our own global adventure on Monday, 8/25. Maybe we will see you on the road. Happy Travels!

5 molly { 08.23.08 at 10:09 am }

LAVA TUBE?!?!?!!!!!!!!Wats that?!!!!

6 Soultravelers3 { 08.23.08 at 1:16 pm }

Hey nice one Conor! It reminds me of the many boats and ferries that we have been on during our world tour…fun stuff huh? I look forward to checking out that cool stuff when we do our long stay in South America. Thanks for the heads up. 😉

I see you are all having lots of fun just like I knew you would! I just wanted to say hi from the Soultravelers3 and wish you a happy journey!!

(We were out of internet connection when you took off, but now we are in Sweden having a great time with friends).

7 Moira { 08.24.08 at 9:13 pm }


I loved your video and when you went to the mini fridge and pulled out that bottled soda it reminded me of the ones we would drink when I was in Mexico. Then when you mentioned your favorite I started laughing! My favorite was also refresco de fresa and when la tienda was out people would go get more for me as well. I am starting to think maybe there was more than just strawberries in that soda :o)

8 Emma { 08.24.08 at 10:13 pm }

That was cool I really want to try some of that fiora vanti it lookes good.

9 Luke James { 08.26.08 at 11:25 am }

awesome video Conner you got the best room I’m sorry but I puked on that boat in that room you got the same room as me and Alex you also got the same guide hanz hope you have a good trip and I can’t wait to met you guys PS did the room smell

10 Rick James { 08.26.08 at 3:01 pm }

HELP! Craig! How do I edit my Son’s comments, and refine his “style” a bit????

Glad to see you guys are having a good time! It was cool to see Connor’s video tour of our former six day home. Please let me assure everyone that any seasickness we might have encountered was only in the bathroom’s. ‘Nuff said…

Hanz was great, we really enjoyed his tours, (even though he payed a little too much attention to any single women on the tour, helping them take all the best pictures, explaining the best angles, taking their camera ect. I suppose it’s all about the tip in the end, and she was rich! Looks like you guys had more families than us; sadly Luke & Alex were the only kids on our cruise.

I hope you made it to the equatorial place we went to just outside of Quito. They had the best exhibits and experiments, and I’d love to see a better video (than I took) of the tub of water being drained in three positions to demonstrate the corellis effect.

We’re finally getting back to semi-normal and settled in in life at home. Our home is not yet fully unpacked and set up, but I started going through mail and parcels. Yours was in there. AWESOME! I’ve gotten so much milage out of that shirt and keychain, that it’s difficult to find an alternate shirt to wear while it’s being washed. I’ll take it to the mine with me tomorrow for my first two week shift to wear around the camp in the evenings. Hope there’s no R’s up there!

We’ll keep checking in. Keep relaxing, and stop looking at the bank balance!

James’ of the North

11 Rick James { 08.26.08 at 3:04 pm }

Oh, also I forgot to mention: in case you didn’t know already, find and watch MASTER AND COMMANDER when you get a chance. It’s a fantastic movie, and also has scenes around the Pinnacle rock which was our favorite snorkeling spot of the Galapagos I think…

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