A Family RTW Travel Adventure (2008-2009)
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No Excuse For Not Looking Good


One of the first things you notice in Buenos Aires – OK, one of the first things I noticed – is how attractive the people are.

And not just good looking – really put together too. Women and men. Young and old. Taxi drivers and ladies who lunch.

I was already feeling a bit self-conscious, having worn the same clothes for about six weeks. Walking through the Recoleta I felt positively dowdy.

I finally had a chance to ask someone about this rather delicate subject when our landlord came to return the security deposit we left for our first apartment.

She appeared to be in her late fifties, trim, with a stylish haircut and expensive taste in clothes. She had the presence of a person used to having money and getting what she wanted. Her English was quite good.

After a bit of small talk I felt I had an opening to ask the question that had been nagging me: “Is it my imagination, or is everyone in this city very attractive?”

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September 17, 2008   8 Comments

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