A Family RTW Travel Adventure (2008-2009)
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Observed in Lake Tekapo

The Church of the Good Shepard was built on the southern shore of picturesque Lake Tekapo in 1935, and has since become a favorite spot for tourists and weddings.

The lake gets its blazing turquoise color from “rock flour” (sediment) in the water.



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USA 2, Germany 1


There is something quite special about watching one of your country’s national teams compete abroad.

Conor and I were fortunate to see the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team (17 and Under) compete in a FIFA World Cup Semi-Final Game in Christchurch.

I was surprised by the wave of emotion I felt when the Star-Spangled Banner was played before the game — and equally surprised by the sense of aggression I felt when hundreds of German fans began chanting “Deutschland – Deutschland – Deutschland,” after their team scored an early goal.


But the U.S. team showed no quit.  After a shaky opening 20 minutes, the women played flawlessly, pressing on offense, relentless on defense.

Two second-half goals, including the game winner in the 83rd minute, delivered this Cinderella team to the finals against North Korea.


I smiled as I left a packed Queen Elizabeth II Stadium.

Earlier in the day I had heard two Kiwi commentators on talk radio.  “The Americans have done quite well in the tournament,” said one.  “But their run is over.  The Germans will dismantle them.”

“That’s right,” said the other.  “Time for them to get a football lesson.”

Postscript:  The US team lost the final, 2-1 in overtime, against the heavily favored team from North Korea. But we can rightly expect great things from the players on this team as they advance to the women’s national team.  Congratulations and well done!

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