A Family RTW Travel Adventure (2008-2009)
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ADIP: Hong Kong

A Day in Pictures
Hong Kong, SAR, China


Even in the 16th century the Chinese exported far more than they imported, sending growing quantities of silk and tea to Europe with Portuguese traders.

That changed for a time after the British arrived in Hong Kong because the British brought with them one imported good that could not be resisted: Opium.

The British drug trade led to the First and Second Opium Wars – and ultimately a 99-year British “lease” of Hong Kong. The lease ended in 1997, and Hong Kong was returned to Chinese control.


Today, nearly 12 years after the British handover to the Chinese, Hong Kong remains a global economic center.


Hong Kong’s harbor is one of the world’s most scenic – and busiest. Skyscrapers ring the harbor, and nothing seems to slow the pace of construction.


At night, the harbor comes alive, putting on one of the world’s biggest light shows.


And a streetside version of one of our favorites: Hong Kong Idol.


There are more pictures from Hong Kong here.

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