A Family RTW Travel Adventure (2008-2009)
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Hail, Caesarea


I doubt he knows this, but Mr. Thurber, my 9th grade Latin teacher, made quite an impression on me.

His language lessons were built around the history of the Roman Empire, fascinating stories of personalities and conflicts that were larger than life.  They instilled in me a love of history and an appreciation for Roman civilization.

When I learned that the ancient Roman port of Caesarea was just ten miles from the Haberman house, I knew we had to visit.


In 22 BCE Herod the Great he began construction of a deep sea harbor at Caesarea, where he built storerooms, markets, wide roads, baths, temples to Rome and Augustus, and public buildings. The ruins remain.

Every five years the city hosted major sports competitions, gladiator games, and theatrical productions.  The amphitheater still hosts regular concerts by major national and international performers.


More recently, the port has become an upscale shopping and dining destination.  It is also home to the annual Caesarea Jazz Festival.




Today, Caesarea is the only locality in Israel managed by a private organization rather than a municipal government.

The Caesarea Development Corporation manages municipal services while marketing a real-estate development, managing the nearby industrial park, and running Israel’s only golf course – designed by Pete Dye, no less.

More pictures from Caesarea are here.


1 ST { 06.15.09 at 12:56 pm }

Craig! Another thing we have in common–I too studied Latin. With Mrs. Elzey. She was a vivid though formal personality who stood by the door each day wearing one of her matching sweater-cardigan sets and pearls, feet spread and sensibly anchored, with brightly colored perfectly manicured hands on hips.

She was an early example of a woman well put together from the top of her grey permed and helmeted head to her matching shoes and handbag.

I was not a talented Latin student (Gladys Frampton was.) But I made a dynamite map of Italy for some class project. All Gaul, etc, st

2 Doug Spiro { 06.15.09 at 1:38 pm }

Wow! I didn’t think anyone else took Latin. Most exquisitus!

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