A Family RTW Travel Adventure (2008-2009)
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ADIP: Madrid, Spain

A Day in Pictures
Madrid, Spain


After three and a half months in Greater Asia, Madrid was familiar, welcoming – and a bit of a relief. It’s Europe. Like home, only different.


Our friend Gail turned us on to an absolute must in Madrid – churros and chocolate. I had lost twenty pounds in Asia (much needed) – I could see that wasn’t happening in Spain!


On the day we arrived the government announced that unemployment in Spain had reached 17% – but as we walked around Madrid, the city felt full of positive energy. The cafe culture was in full swing everywhere we roamed.


Also apparent: We were back in a Catholic country. Not since South America had we seen such ubiquitous religious iconography.


Not to mention the occasional fallen angel. I suppose even good girls stray from time to time.


After a day exploring Madrid, our only regret was the short amount of time we would be there.

Home was beckoning, and Spain was marked for a return visit.

Our pictures from Madrid are here.

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