A Family RTW Travel Adventure (2008-2009)
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ADIP: Madrid, Spain

A Day in Pictures
Madrid, Spain


After three and a half months in Greater Asia, Madrid was familiar, welcoming – and a bit of a relief. It’s Europe. Like home, only different.


Our friend Gail turned us on to an absolute must in Madrid – churros and chocolate. I had lost twenty pounds in Asia (much needed) – I could see that wasn’t happening in Spain!


On the day we arrived the government announced that unemployment in Spain had reached 17% – but as we walked around Madrid, the city felt full of positive energy. The cafe culture was in full swing everywhere we roamed.


Also apparent: We were back in a Catholic country. Not since South America had we seen such ubiquitous religious iconography.


Not to mention the occasional fallen angel. I suppose even good girls stray from time to time.


After a day exploring Madrid, our only regret was the short amount of time we would be there.

Home was beckoning, and Spain was marked for a return visit.

Our pictures from Madrid are here.

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1 Doug Spiro { 06.19.09 at 5:10 pm }

Churros, chocolate and fallen angels oh my. Madrid sounds fantastic! It is on my list also. Maybe it is the angle of your photos but it never looked like you needed to loose 20 lbs! Even in Peru.

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