A Family RTW Travel Adventure (2008-2009)
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By The Numbers


We have lived with the idea of our around the world trip for 815 days – approximately 530 of talking, thinking and planning followed by 285 days of travel.

That’s a “planning-to-doing” ratio of almost 2-1.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little compulsive about planning.

Once we started “doing,” we traveled to 17 countries, crossed 38 borders (entering and exiting Thailand twice), took 26 flights, five long-haul buses, three rental cars, one overnight train and rode in who knows how many tuk-tuks, trucks, cabs and whatnots.

We slept nine nights on a boat.

We took approximately 10,000 pictures and posted 2,553 of them to Flickr. Approximately 8,500 visitors to our Flickr page have viewed our pictures 75,000+ times.

We made 23 videos and posted 21 to YouTube.  They were watched approximately 6,000 times in total. BTW, my personal favorite video, Rotorua Adventures, is now hosted on Vimeo (a long story).

This is the 209th post we’ve written (with just four more to go).

Readers have made 900+ comments.

To date, there have been 50,000+ visits to this site and 19,000+ unique visitors from all 50 U.S. states and 132 countries or territories around the world.

The nearly 400 subscribers to the site have viewed 65,000+ items via email or RSS feed and clicked on 11,500+ links.

Now, there’s one number I’m sure many are curious about – what did it cost?

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