A Family RTW Travel Adventure (2008-2009)
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Category — Overheard

Overheard in LAX

Terminal 7, Gate 78 at Los Angeles International Airport, waiting to board an early morning flight to Kona, Hawaii, two twenty-somethings in conversation:

When I was a kid, breakfast at McDonald’s and a day at the park – now that was a great day,” said the traveler as he unwrapped an Egg McMuffin.

“It still doesn’t get any better than that,” his friend agreed as he took a bite of his breakfast sandwich.

May 16, 2008   5 Comments

Overheard in Greenwich Village

In a sandwich shop, a sixty-something man sporting a beret and a stylish mustache, to his forty-something lunch companion:

“When I was young, much younger than you are now, I was all over Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran.

In those days, you could travel to the ends of the earth. To places full of sultans and shahs. Full of adventure. You don’t have that anymore.”

April 4, 2008   2 Comments

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